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Materials Science Program

Materials have played a crucial role in the technological evolution of society, from the earliest Stone Age to our modern age, which future generations may call the Silicon Age. The field of Materials Science and Engineering is broad and interdisciplinary, building on fundamentals of engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology. We manipulate microstructural, mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic, chemical, and biological properties, and use advanced computational methods to develop new materials and modify existing materials. At FSU, MS&E is a completely interdisciplinary graduate program offering M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. It is made up of faculty members from 9 departments across campus who work on a wide variety of materials creating and disseminating fundamental knowledge and developing advanced technologies.

Although the Ph.D. degree in MS&E at FSU is new, materials research has a strong history at FSU. For more than 20 years, FSU has been home to the NSF’s National High-Magnetic Field Laboratory, and faculty members connected with the lab and other research centers at FSU have earned international recognition for their cutting edge materials research...


Associated Departments

Biological Sciences
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Scientific Computing